Why hunt with Feet Down?

Your professional guides at Feet Down Waterfowl are extremely knowledgeable and have the experience and skill it takes to get the birds in your face!  We are constantly scouting the birds and we run several different pit blinds in our area to maximize your hunting time with us.  Our decoy spreads at each pit consists of anywhere from 300

2,000 ‚Äčfull-bodied and shell decoys.  We do the homework and put the work in to have things  set up for your hunt, but are always happy to explain our setups and strategies to you.  We can accommodate groups ranging from a single hunter to groups of 14 per field.  For those who like to get out but don't enjoy cold conditions, the pit blinds are a unique experience, sure to make it warm, comfortable and enjoyable. 


Fees and Dates: 

Early Season:

September 4-24

Limit of 5 birds per hunter

Regular Season: 

September 25 - December 28

Limit of 5 bird per hunter

September/October: Early season and combo hunts are $200/ gun per day

November/December: Late season hunts are $200/ gun per day

Half down payment required to reserve your hunt

Hunter Requirements:

*  To legally hunt in Minnesota , all hunters must have a small game license and state and federal waterfowl stamps that are signed - this is your responsibility;

*  A plugged shotgun;

*  Camo clothing suitable for all weather conditions;

*  Recommended shot for large Canada's is steel #2, 3" BB or BBB;

Please give me a call with any questions you may have!

Connor  Lausch , Owner/Guide ,  218-731-1396